“Thank you, Debra for bringing so much clarity to making LinkedIn a huge source of leads for my businesses. I am looking forward to being able to expand my reach and help more people. You are a great instructor!”

Candice Bakx-Friesen, realtor

“Our company, The Bookkeeper, had Debra come out last week to provide three of us with training on LinkedIn. I probably learned more in that two hours than I had in the prior years I had been on LinkedIn. We have begun to take steps to implement many of the suggestions Debra recommended and are seeing results from those already.”

Craig Barbee, The Bookkeeper, LLC

“I was introduced to Debra through a mutual friend and invited Debra to speak at a peer study group last year. Prior to that, I was intimidated by LinkedIn and didn’t know how valuable of a networking and recruiting tool it could be. I asked Debra to give me a one on one session to build out my profile and help me understand more of how I could use it as a recruiting tool. Her expertise is invaluable if you are trying to grow your business or your team through networking. I highly recommend you attend a class then schedule a one on one coaching session with her!”

Shawn Cockerham, Insurance Specialist, Owner/Agent, State Farm Insurance

“I was fortunate enough to have someone tell me about Debra’s LinkedIn class and smart enough to take it. Debra is fantastic! Her class covers the basic LinkedIn “must haves” and also provides dozens of useful tips to differentiate yourself and effectively promote your brand. Her tips include tactical actions that help get you recognized and other ideas and LinkedIn features that will help you stand out. Debra supports many of her lessons with real-world examples and results. I learned a lot and look forward to her next class. If you use LinkedIn, do yourself a favor and connect with her. You’ll be happy you did!”

Joseph J. Carino, CMA, MBA, CFO/VP Finance, Etix

“I have been working with Debra on making sure my social profiles and the ability to reach potential clients, peers and referral partners. Her fast knowledge of the functionalities of various platforms is second to none. I recommend her services very highly to anyone looking to be noticed and stand out above others.”

D. Bryan Parker, Union Home Mortgage

“I have known Debra for several years now and if you are looking to increase your knowledge and effective use of LinkedIn, you need look no further. She has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience with LinkedIn that will make you and your company better from the very first meeting.
In addition, she shares freely of her knowledge with her ever-growing network and makes sure she keeps up with the ever-changing world of LinkedIn. Her professional and caring attitude make it a pleasure to attend her workshops and I guarantee that you will walk away with something new you can use on LinkedIn to help you or your business every time.
I am very grateful that I know Debra as a business and personal friend. You should connect with her because you will be very glad you know her too!”

Jeff Young, #TheLinkedInGuru

“I hired Debra to train my new employee how to use LinkedIn and I could not be more pleased. LinkedIn changed their format on the very day she was training my employee and Debra never missed a beat! Debra has extensive knowledge of all things LinkedIn her training is a true value.
I know she was just what I needed for my employee. Debra is current, relevant and a powerful asset. She knows exactly how to use LinkedIn to help strengthen your connections and reach your goals.
Her training is money very well spent! I highly recommend Debra’s training to everyone.”

Emily Journey,

“Thanks Debra – you delivered!! Great presentation and I would recommend you to any group or company that wishes to understand the value of prospecting and building relationships with LinkedIn. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

Michael Allison, Agency Vice President, Training and Development, MassMutual North Carolina

“If you want to know how to use LinkedIn to generate business, Debra is the one to get in touch with!”

Peter Fernald, Owner and Customer Relationship Management Expert, Atlantic Database

“I meet and work with a great many people in my travels and I must say, Debra is among the finest and most professional I have come across in a very long time. In terms of her LinkedIn expertise, Debra is a true expert. More importantly then her command of LinkedIn functionality, is her ability to apply it to a specific task or objective. It turns what could be a huge sponge on your valuable time, into a very useful tool to have in your tool bag. Aside from her comprehensive skills in LinkedIn, is her genuine desire to help people and to Pay It Forward. Anyone in need of, growing their sales territory, increasing their pipeline, or in need of an assist in career transition, should contact Debra for assistance. She truly stands out and is a genuinely good person.”

Harlan (Hal) Mondrow, Systems Engineering Management and Engineering Program Director

“For anyone looking to understand how to best utilize Linked In, Debra is a fantastic trainer with amazing knowledge of how to grow your contacts to grow your business. She trained our entire management staff a couple of years ago and we still use it today. She provided all of us with detailed instructions and best practices on how to maximize our networking! I highly recommend her for any business.”

Erin Daniels, Sales Account Manager

“Since meeting with Debra a few weeks ago, business is better than ever. I am receiving close to 50 profile views a week and have been fortunate to connect with other successful professionals which has directly impacted my business. She truly has your best interests in mind and is more than willing to help at the drop of a nail. I would highly recommend Debra to anyone who uses LinkedIn as a main source of marketing. 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, any of the other highest ratings I can give her. I can’t possibly thank her enough for all the positive ways in which she has impacted my business!”

Reed Hickman, New York Life Agent, Greater Columbus Area.

“Debra provided very comprehensive information about how to use Linkedin to your professional and personal advantage. Contact her today!”

Rosemary Ebner Pomeroy, Attorney Owner, Law Office of Rosemary Ebner Pomeroy

” originally met Debra on LinkedIn (how appropriate), and eventually had the opportunity to meet her in person! We got along great and shared common values of helping others by improving their ability to network more effectively! I attended her LinkedIn workshop, and found it to be helpful, and even learned some new tips to improve my profile!”

Chris Borja, Networker, Connector, Trainer

“Debra is very personable, good communicator, patient and all that makes for a great trainer!”

Sam Watkins, List Broker, Capital List, Ltd and Consultant, Schooley Mitchell

“I just came out of a training session with Debra. It was the most awesome experience for expanding my business. She came highly recommended to me and I highly recommend Debra to you.”

Thomas W. Dalcolma, President, Commercial Real Estate, Street | Sotheby’s International Realty

“We had Debra in for a LinkedIn training recently. She was on time prepared and discussed topics in a manner that we easily understood with our members that were in attendance. If there were questions, Debra would stop answer the question, and make sure the individual asking understood in full detail. I have already seen several of my members utilizing the tools that she taught and seeing success with them. I would recommend Debra for anyone that is looking to host a LinkedIn Training.”

Logan O’Neill, Executive Director, Southwestern Auglaize County Chamber of Commerce

“Want a great return on investment? Get together with Debra Mathias and learn how you can grow your business using LinkedIn. Debra was informative, challenging, and spot on with the answers to all my questions. I’ve used LinkedIn for years, but today I learned new, specific tools that I will put into practice immediately. I recommend you contact Debra right away to schedule your group or individual LinkedIn training. Debra has grown her business with these very skills. Get on her calendar, and learn from her before your competition does! You’ll experience a fast-paced training experience, pick up many useful tips, and enjoy Debra’s consummate professionalism. You won’t regret it!”

Wendy McWherter, Executive Coach

“Debra’s LinkedIn Coaching class is a must see!! Jam packed with very valuable and transferable information for building your business no matter what business you are in. I was very impressed and would recommend EVERYONE to take her course, even if you’ve already been actively using LinkedIn. I guarantee you’ll learn something new.”

Margaret Lipp, Agent, Remax Premier Choice, The Schirtzinger Group

“We hired Debra to conduct a LinkedIn seminar for our sales and customer service team at E.E. Ward. Debra provided practical advice, new information, and great insight that our team put to use immediately. The results have been positive and we have found LinkedIn to be very useful tool to drive business and stay connected to our customers. Debra showed us the way! I recommend hiring Debra as a LinkedIn presenter for your staff.”

Otto Beatty, Intelligent Office

“Debra is an extremely hard-working professional with great integrity and a commitment to her company and her clients. She is as meticulous about the little tasks as she is about the big picture.
Being very community minded, Debra is involved in many activities to help improve the local community, volunteering to help with cancer drives to raise money for breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and fibromyalgia studies. Debra is a great networker. You can count on her to keep you and your business top of mind once she meets you and knows what clients you’re are looking for to promote your business.”

Roberta Kayne, Roberta Kayne Photography