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Individual consultations (per person) $75 per hour

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Networking with LinkedIn 2-hour Virtual Workshop
April 20th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
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Women President’s Organization
Networking with LinkedIn
2-hour virtual workshop
April 6, 2020, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. PST
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LinkedIn Local Raleigh/Triangle

LinkedIn Local is a networking concept that allows you to meet with your LinkedIn connections offline on a human level, face-to-face. Invite your connections to get to know them in person.

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Private Coaching

My private 2-hour consultations trains individuals to build a superstar profile that stands out above the rest. Learn how to create a PDF of your profile to send to prospective clients or employers and many more valuable tips to gain the connections that help you succeed in your current career or find the new career you desire.

For those who are in business development, entrepreneurs, small business owners, recent graduates, and anyone needing a social media presence on LinkedIn I give you the toolbox you need to make connections. Build a profile that will WOW your clients and assist you with growing, marketing and promoting yourself on LinkedIn. We will customize a strategy that to help you succeed.

Pricing: $149 per 2-hour training session.

Contact Debra at (614) 563-7840 or email
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Corporate / Company Training

Does your company have a set LinkedIn protocol that they are using? If not, my Networking with LinkedIn training will give you the power your company needs to succeed with this powerful social media tool.

My 3-step process will teach your employees to become sales, branding and promotions executives for your business by connecting, building relationships, and marketing your business on LinkedIn to achieve your company’s objectives. Leap ahead of your competition in 2020. Learn how to thrive on LinkedIn.

Contact Debra at (614) 563-7840 or email
to discuss your company’s specific training needs.

Speaking and Keynotes

Debra has a passion for connecting professionals to do business together, job opportunity. She is a dynamic and energetic speaker that motivates her audience to take charge of their situation and provides actionable tips to see to it that they succeed.

Her one-hour presentation on LinkedIn profile optimization has enlightened many professionals to the power of LinkedIn and how to optimize their profile to be a digital business card. Her Networking with LinkedIn overview informs on how to use LinkedIn’s powerful tools to gain lasting business connections. Contact her for your next event or meeting.

Contact Debra at (614) 563-7840 or email
to discuss your event or organization’s specific needs.

Group Workshops

This year Debra is bringing scheduled LinkedIn Labs that will teach you strategies to succeed in your business. These are hands-on workshops where you will create a superstar profile and begin making connections using Debra’s three-step process to grow, market and promote your business.

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Debra Mathias has over 30 years of sales, marketing, promotions, branding and sales management experience. As president of Connect to Clients and a LinkedIn trainer and coach for over 8 years Debra brings her strategic actionable approach to everyone from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. Her dedication to the success of others is what sets her career apart. Debra’s guiding philosophy is to “pay it forward.” Her LinkedIn strategies gives companies and individuals the toolkit they need to succeed in social media marketing. Don’t just survive, thrive in 2020.

Debra is host of LinkedIn Local Raleigh/Triangle, a worldwide networking initiative held quarterly in the Triangle area to bring LinkedIn connections face-to-face to meet other professionals of like mind. Her desire is that everyone meet someone that they can connect with to grow their business, become a referral partner with or find their career opportunity. Her desire is to show others how to grow, market, and promote their businesses through meeting the connections to build their network.

As a former race car driver for 13 years and 17-year breast cancer survivor she puts her focus, determination, and passion for success into every aspect of her life.

Debra is a current Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) member and a former race car driver who competed for 13 years in the Spec Miata class of both the SCCA and the National Auto Sports Associate (NASA). She is still involved in amateur motorsports competition as crew chief for her husband. Debra also studied martial arts and is also an avid gardener, writer and feng shui follower.


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